Have Fun Whilst Packing Light: Five Fun Games to Play With Your Child in a Hotel Room

Staying in a hotel room with kids can be challenging. Luckily, there are ways that you can keep your kids entertained without packing lots of toys. Here are a few ideas using items found in most hotel rooms or items that are small and easy to fit in your luggage: 1. Blanket Forts Most hotels have sheets, comforters and a blanket on the hotel bed, and you can easily strip the bed to make a blanket fort. If you are staying in a hotel room with two beds, the space between the beds is perfect for a little cave. Alternatively, Read More →

Questions to Ask before Buying a Pub

If you’re tired of your current career and looking to make a change, that ad you’ve seen for a pub for sale may have grabbed your interest. You like drinking, you like pubs, so why not buy and run one? Seems like the perfect solution, but is it? Before you go any further on that road, stop and ask yourself some important questions. What Do You Want from Your New Career? So, you don’t like your job and want to do something different, but why? Establishing what you want from a career change is important if you’re going to be Read More →

How to have a fantastic holiday on a tight budget

Everyone deserves a break occasionally; however, many people simply cannot afford a traditional holiday abroad.  If you’re in a similar situation but are eager to get away for a few days, here are a few options that will enable you to have a fantastic trip without spending a small fortune. Opt for budget-friendly accommodation Hotels are the most popular form of holiday accommodation; they’re also usually the most expensive. For those with limited budgets, they are best avoided. There are a number of affordable alternatives, including hostels and caravan parks. The former are ideal for those who want a cheap-and-cheerful Read More →